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Virtual Organization Consulting Group

Managing the path
from Virtual Chaos
to the new Virtual Organization

The Business Organization of the past is over. Co-location with customers, proliferating partners, offshoring, globalization and telecommuting employees have all become necessary for continued competitive success. The Virtualization of business is changing how your company works, driving productivity, cost-effectiveness and growth. But they have also created frightening new management challenges How do you maintain real accountability from virtual employees and teams?

The way to embrace this new business reality while maintaining essential business control is through Virtual Organizations. More than a virtual team, a virtual organization gives you the structure and the flexibility you are looking for to meet customer, partner and employee and shareholder - needs.

With over 9 years as an active Virtual Company, no one has more experience of making virtual organizations work than NetWEB Elite.

By 2010 many organizations will be virtual. Will yours?

NetWEB Elite's Virtual Organization Consulting Group is there to partner with your team if any of the following questions or needs are relevant to your organization.

  • Is your business forcing you to change how you organize?

  • How do you make sure you dont lose while you change?

  • How can you get started?

  • Contact us


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