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Elite Marketing Research Lab (EMRL)


Nerve Center of NetWEB Elite

The Elite Marketing Research Lab is the nerve center of NetWEB Elite Solutions.

The Elite Marketing Research Lab generates and productizes advanced concepts that pertain to the fusion of advanced or over the edge technologies and marketing - including internet technology - and that are tied to your business problems.

The resulting output is then made available in a secure fashion via the Web for instant and expert decision-making capability.

Vision of the Lab

To help the Web attain its ultimate goal: Providing cutting edge or over the edge tools, techniques, and information that allow companies and individuals to become expert decision makers.

In the end, and regardless of the name or technology used to describe a specific Web-based capability, the Lab should always be supporting somebody’s decision making, either indirectly by supplying information or directly by allowing the sharing of information, or by even embodying decision support. The end result: Enhance the profitability of your online channel.

Elite Marketing Research Lab Profile

The EMRL is supported by an unlimited and fully expandable team of on demand and full-time Associate and Senior Fellows, all Ph.D.s or J.D./LLMs. They bring extensive internet, business, technology and academic expertise to our mission - not just across individuals, but also within each EMRL member. They also have experience in multiple vertical markets.

The Power of Advanced Concepts

  • Is it a concept that matters most, or is it derived products and services?
  • What has led to quantum leaps forward in competitiveness and profitability?
    "License the Operating System," "24 X 7 Access," and etc..
  • Advanced concepts don't need to be complicated, just brilliant! Almost always, they require that arbitrary ways of thinking be discarded.
  • The EMRL generates quantum-leap concepts; these are both general and specific as need be.

The Market for Advanced Concepts

  • How much is an advanced concept worth?
  • Brilliant concepts have huge value long before any derived product or service is developed. Their value increases even more as they mature into prototype products and services.
         - Online Channels can then dramatically cut costs of doing business.
  • In some venues, such as the military, entire organizations are dedicated to developing new ideas or "doctrines."
         - Millions of "early adoption" $$$ dollars are expended into refining these ideas.
  • For brilliant concepts that are grounded in solving/anticipating real problems, the return on these expenditures is tremendous.

Partnering with The Elite Marketing Research Lab

For organizations who are interested in the concept of having an "Elite Marketing Research Lab" ON DEMAND without having to incur $$MM or hundreds of thousand of dollars in R&D costs and expend the time needed to develop such a team, our "partnering paradigm" allows businesses to work with the EMRL at any point within the concept maturation timeline. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with the development and implementation of your own concepts.

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