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Overview of Application Integration + Expert Systems

Application Integration + Expert Systems = Instant Decision Making

We Will:

  • Integrate all your applications regardless of geography or location via SOA, a revolutionary standards-based way to integrate enterprise business processes and even give them transactional (rollback"able") properties
  • Apply on top an Expert System layer based on highly sophisticated AI-neural networks, genetic algorithms, blackboard technology, non-linear systems and other over the edge technologies
  • Then make all your applications available in a highly secure fashion via the web for instant and accurate decision-making capabilities. The end result: vastly enhance the profitability of your online channel

What is SOA?

SOA (Service-Oriented-Architecture) can revolutionize the way your organization develops, uses, and manages information technology. Applying this architectural concept to realize clear business benefits requires deep knowledge of the core tenets of SOA and a clear understanding of the best approach for applying them to your IT infrastructure. NWES consultants apply their expert knowledge of SOA principles, practices, and standards to simplify the process for you. We help you to leverage your existing investments and evolve a more agile technology infrastructure that leads to quicker return on investment.

Critical to a successful SOA are products, best practices, and experience. NWES has developed specialized service offerings that fit every stage of a successful SOA — from initial assessment, through design, development and implementation, to effective ongoing management.

Let NWES professional service experts guide you through the process of designing and implementing your SOA. Our multi-phased approach of Assess, Design, Develop, Implement and Manage is supported by industry leading products, knowledge, services, and technical support to provide a winning strategy for the organization.

SOA Readiness Assessment:
Strategy and Planning for SOA

You start by mapping out and designing your future SOA. Here, NWES expertise and experience can guide you through the myriad of choices to rapidly assist you in your initial definitions.  This process starts with identifying the key business drivers for the organization, and aligning the SOA strategy to enable the transition and development of the new business model.  A service-oriented approach enables rapid assembly, shortens deployment time and reduces risk of failure so you can keep your organization more agile and profitable.

Much time and effort has been expended in the past implementing new business applications to support Sales, Financial Processing and Reporting, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Distribution and Customer Acquisition and Retention.  Results have been varied and users have been left wondering what improvements have been achieved for the investments made.

Now, by developing and enacting a SOA strategy, the benefits of these previous investments can be realized.  NWES has the experience and expertise to allow your organization to be successful.


  • SOA Enterprise Readiness Assessment
  • SOA Enterprise Vision Definition
  • SOA Strategies Definition
  • SOA Enterprise Roadmap
  • SOA Business Case Development Creation
  • SOA Blueprinting or Reference Architecture definition
  • Enterprise Business Services Architecture
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Services Architecture

SOA Implementation

NWES SOA Consultants will work with your team and partners to implement or guide you through your SOA program and your SOA  projects. NWES consultants are experienced consultants with a very rich and diversified technology background, from Enterprise Services Bus, J2EE and .Net to Mainframes and MQ-Series. They are seasoned consultants with full life cycle software development experience. Our consultants, combined with our approach and our reference architectures, accelerate the delivery and reduce the cost and risks of your SOA based applications.

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