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NetWEB Elite Solutions is an ebusiness solutions provider. Our mission is to enhance the profitability of our clients' online channel through ebusiness intelligence, web marketing, a highly sophisticated web presence, and advanced IT solutions. NetWEB Elite Solutions is focused on Fortune 2000 clients in financial services, insurance markets, retail and consumer products, health and life sciences, high technology, entertainment, federal government, and other industries.

We are looking for "the one"...

We are a group of pioneers and visionaries who understand the full potential and promise of the Net; are feverishly redefining the Net and putting it to use in ways that to date have only been written about; and are looking for The One - a Creative, Highly Entrepreneurial, Successful, Aggressive, and Visionary key Public Relations Executive who is looking for a CHALLENGING, EXCITING & UNORTHODOX full-time position and will partner with our Elite Marketing Research Lab and Sales & Marketing in order to introduce NetWEB Elite Solutions to The Business Community, Media, Investors, and Sponsors.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Establish media campaign strategy to bring NetWEB Elite Solutions to a wide national and international presence and success.
  • Monitor financial, technological, political and demographic factors to identify market opportunities. Evaluate market research and adjust strategies to meet changing conditions.
  • Coordinate, manage and direct all internal and external events such as business and educational conferences, seminars, and symposiums for NetWEB Elite Solutions via Virtual Organization Management Institute.
  • Function as official company spokesperson.
  • During the first 6 months, your role will be primarily BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT oriented - similar to that of Partners at Major Public Relations firms - and you will be assigned a monthly revenue goal.  Do NOT apply if that is an issue.
  • Attend daily, weekly and monthly teleconferences and, when required, onsite meetings.

Please note this is a virtual team opportunity. You can do this from anywhere in the US, as long as you have an unlimited local and long distance phone line; cell phone with unlimited mobile-to-mobile; a laptop computer with Powerpoint, Publisher and etc.; and high-speed access to the Internet.

What's in it for you?

Being The One, you will see the phenomenal revenue and social potential behind NetWEB Elite Solutions and Virtual Organization Management Institute.

Your position will be Vice President, Public Relations; will be part of an exclusive and elite team that will report directly to the Chairman & CEO of NetWEB Elite Solutions; and will develop creative public relation strategies in line with our vision and mission.

You will also serve as Chairman of our Conferences & Events Committee responsible for producing and directing all seminars, conferences, symposiums and other company events as well as represent the company at these events.

You will serve as a member of the Executive Committee of NetWEB Elite Solutions' Board of Directors.

Please note this is a very prestigious and unique virtual team opportunity. You will be part of a small cadre of highly influential members of our organization.

NetWEB Elite Solutions will be HOT property and your income will be driven only by your initiative, motivation, and enthusiasm. We believe in our dream and hope you will too when you hear the details.

The Next Big Thing

Most ebusiness solutions companies compete in the same overcrowded markets, leaving a vast untapped market that is just dying to explode. The "if-it-ain't-broke-dont-fix-it mentality" brings stagnation and the time is just right for us to step in and stir things up a bit.

Walt Disney created the magic; Microsoft revolutionized the computer industry with what was then a laughable idea - licensing the operating system - and to this day is still getting the last laugh; Dell went against the trend and conventional wisdom - not once but twice - and is today the industry leader; and now here comes NetWEB Elite Solutions which is about to redefine the Net in a spectacular way.

Come join us and and be a part of history! This is not a job.  It is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!


  • Highly Entrepreneurial, Successful AND Financially Secure. Please do NOT apply for this position if you don't meet this minimum requirement and are looking for a weekly paycheck. You should NOT be relying on a weekly paycheck for at least the first 6 months. This is NOT a traditional corporate position.
  • STRONG business development experience.
  • Must be a widely recognized national and/or international Public Relations GURU with EXTENSIVE national and international media contacts at the highest level on a first name basis.
  • VISION, Integrity, Discipline, Loyalty, Team Player, Ability to Multitask.
  • Ability to work in a highly disciplined and structured virtual environment is a must.
  • A level-headed people person who can clearly communicate the vision behind NetWEB Elite Solutions and open doors.
  • Strong PowerPoint presentation and superior proposal writing skills are also a must.
  • Appreciation for and anticipation of practical aspects of Internet technology.
  • Must have excellent WRITTEN and verbal communications skills
  • Member of various academic and corporate advisory boards, as well as membership in a number of nationally recognized PR, marketing or other industry-related organizations.
  • A Ph.D. in a related discipline is a BIG PLUS.


A lucrative compensation package which includes:

  • stock, stock options
  • cash bonuses based on performance
  • medical, dental and vision benefits
  • defined contribution pension plan
  • auto allowance or luxury company car
  • perks based on performance
  • unlimited earning potential

Applicants who are seeking a CHALLENGE and OPPORTUNITY instead of a job are welcome to apply for this position.

To apply for this position:

Please e-mail your resume to the Chairman & CEO at chairman@netwebelitehr.com

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities are also encouraged to apply.