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Ross W. Johnston


Mr. Johnston currently serves as CEO of WindTalker Systems, bringing 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups with P&L responsibility to $250,000,000.

Prior to that, he was President and COO of CSSI, an OEM database service, warranty service and contract manufacturer.  Before joining CSSI, Mr. Johnston was President and CEO of Nanochip and Vice President of Blue Sky Research, a manufacturer of industrial and telecom optical components.

Earlier he was Vice President, Operations at DataCal Corp.; a manufacturer of optical disk drives.  He was also the CEO of LaserByte Corporation, a subsidiary of Hyundai, producing magneto-optic disk drives; Vice President / Founder of R-Byte, Inc., a spinoff of Seagate Technology which was eventually acquired by Exabyte in 1994. In addition, Mr. Johnston held various product development management positions at Seagate, RCA Corp. and Control Data Corp.

Mr. Johnston has a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from the University of Phoenix; holds 9 patents in the technology field; and has received numerous corporate awards for excellence and leadership.