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John Leper


John has over 25 years experience in marketing and business management and is currently the President of Stanford International Holding Corporation, a family of businesses involved in consumer marketing, ecommerce, direct marketing, international business services and online media. John joined Stanford International Holding Corporation in 2001 as the Chief Marketing Officer and Business Strategist.

John has created and successfully implemented numerous business plans and strategies including many new business startups. Possessing strong creative marketing skills, uncanny vision and the management ability and experience to turn concepts into profitable realities, John has been a very early mover in numerous major industries including online marketing, television home shopping, direct marketing, digital media & entertainment and US-China business alliances.

Prior to Stanford, he was the President & Founder of Transmedia Communications, a new media publisher, as well as founder of a number of other media related companies.

Mr. Leper is a resident of Los Angeles, CA.