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Jeffrey P. Schwartz, Ph.D.


Dr. Jeffrey P. Schwartz is a Founding Member and Senior Fellow of the Elite Marketing Research Lab as well as Board Member at NetWEB Elite Solutions. Dr. Schwartz is tasked, along with a team of world-class marketing researchers, with helping the Web achieve its ultimate goal: The creation of expert-level decision making within every Internet user.

Dr. Schwartz’s career has combined elements of marketing analytics, data mining, behavioral decision theory, human factors engineering, artificial intelligence, and mathematical psychology. His work at NetWEB Elite Solutions continues his career-long passion for leveraging insights from cognitive science to the solution of real-world problems.

Prior to joining NetWEB Elite Solutions, Dr. Schwartz was Chief Knowledge Officer of Aircuity, Inc of Newton, MA, where he designed and implemented Internet-based AI systems for diagnosing indoor air issues. These systems are in continuous use on a daily basis throughout the world. Dr. Schwartz has been a consultant to government and industry on projects ranging from development of data mining models for marketing, Internet-based decision support systems, training systems, mathematical models, and expert systems. Projects were for clients in the areas of financial services, insurance, defense, and technology.

Dr. Schwartz has been involved in Navy command-and-control work, specifically while at Grumman-CTEC. The vast majority of his work has involved either the study of decision making (Decision Science Consortium), human factors of decision making (Honeywell), or construction of decision support systems (Mitre, FAA, SAIC, Fannie Mae, Navy, Citicorp).