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Fyodor Shutov, Ph.D.


Dr. Fyodor Shutov has over 35 years of solid business experience and is a global, pioneering, and the world's foremost expert and leader in the field of polymer, biomedical and environmental technology innovation and product development. A Visionary whose keen technical acumen and strategic insights brings industry-driven technologies to the forefront, he is an inventor of more than 30 approved patents for revolutionary technology with significant value for industrial partners.

Currently, Dr. Shutov is a Vice President, Product Development at Century Products. Concurrently, he serves on demand as an Associate Fellow, Elite Marketing Research Lab at NetWEB Elite Solutions and is a member of our Board of Directors.

Prior to that, he was the Senior Vice President, R&D and Intellectual Property, Polymer Sciences Inc, Alpharetta (Atlanta), GA. Formerly (1995-2001) he was the Head/Founder of Advanced Polymer Materials Science and Engineering Lab; Head/Founder of the Center for Recycling of Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste, as well as the Environmentally Benign Processes and Materials Program. During 1991-1995, he was a Director/Founder of AMOCO Center of Excellence in Polymer Engineering and Science, and a Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

He has authored over 350 publications and 16 books in 20 countries, emphasizing emerging product development and R&D and is an invited lecturer to about 50 universities and research institutes worldwide. A Technology Champion with an in-depth background in management, business development, manufacturing, strategic planning, and intellectual property, he is a former mentor to numerous professionals in Fortune 500 leadership positions.

Dr. Shutov is a member of numerous national and international technical societies. He currently resides in Los Angeles. His hobbies include tennis and long-distance running.